March 27, 1948 – August 19, 2009

The family would like to thank everyone for all of their support and to those who attended the funeral and made it a great celebration of John's life.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our loving father, grandfather, and husband.  He will be greatly missed by Alice, his wife of 28 years.  He also leaves behind his children: Sonya, Nadia, and Sean, and grandchildren Isabelle and Aiden.  

John was born in Zagreb, Croatia, an only child, and has been living and working in North Vancouver, BC for the past 30 years.  John was an accomplished Audio and Acoustic Technician, and spent many years supporting the music, film and game sound recording industry across Canada and the United States.  John was the Technical Director of Little Mountain Studios. After which he chose to proudly manage his own consulting business, Vrtacic Design and Electro-Acoustics.  His dedicated contribution to the Vancouver music industry will be greatly missed; it was both his career and his passion.  John also enjoyed caring for his home and yard, an avid do-it-yourself enthusiast, his hobbies also included carpentry, restoration and invention of audio equipment.

The family wishes to thank Dr.Klimo (chemo dept., LGH), Dr.Sugar (palliative unit, LGH) as well as all the wonderful nurses involved throughout John's care.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Doctor Klimo Fund through the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation in John's memory.

Prayers will be held on Tuesday, August 25th  at 7:30pm and the funeral mass will be offered on Wednesday, August 26th  at 10:30am.  Both are to occur at Holy Trinity Parish (27th  and Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver) with a reception to follow in the church hall.



Vrtacic Design Guitar Splitter

Design: John Vrtacic
Technical Assistance: Corey Dixon
Testimonials For Splitter:

"For the last 32 years the constant tech support and personal support of John Vrtacic has been a cornerstone to my career. Simply put without him I would not have accomplished some of my highest aspirations. When he designed a guitar splitter for all of us that needed one of coarse he out did


himself. Not only does it do the job, you'll find you will use it with everything you plug in, cause it just makes it sound better!!!!---Well done John... Thanks and here's to another 30 years of rockin!!!!----Aloha"

Bob Rock - Music Producer

Clients: Metallica, Motley Crue, Aerosmith , Bon Jovi , Cher , The Cult , David Lee Roth ,Our Lady Peace , The Tragically Hip...


"I've used John's splitter box on a few projects now including the latest AC/DC record and I would not use another splitter box again.

Clear full range sound you can depend on.  Awesome!"

Mike Fraser - Mix Engineer

Clients: AC/DC, Aerosmith, The Cult, Jackie Greene, Elvis Costello, Norah Jones, Hinder, Hedley,  and Kelly Rowland...

"We use the Vrtacic Design Splitter (JC1A) on every guitar track we record. The great thing about this unit, is that it sounds as if you're plugged straight into your amp rather than "mudding up" the signal with other inferior units. On top of that, when tracking bass guitar, the DI output sounds deep and punchy."

Brian Howes
Jay "JVP" Van Poederooyen

Clients: Hinder, Rev Theory, Muddle of Mudd, Hedley, Skillet...

"What can I say without sounding silly, but it sounds GREAT! I've been using the other brand for a long time since it came out but it's noisy and chokes the guitar... Your box is just amazing!!"

Michael Ilbert
Recording and Mixing Engineer, Berlin Germany


This is a high grade product that includes expensive Lundahl transformer and Alps volume control. It has a ground lift switch to eliminate hum and buzzes from ground loop problems.
This box has a multi-use function but the main one would be to Reamp prerecorded guitar or bass guitar. It has a balanced input and an unbalanced output. The output level can be controlled with the volume control. This will reduce overdrive distortion on the input to the guitar amps if the recorded signal is too high. The Reamp box can be used together with the guitar splitter for Reamping sound from Protools.


Near Field Studio Monitor

Design: John Vrtacic

Construction: Peter Dix

Additional Listening Tests and Comments: Mike Fraser, Randy Staub, Cory Dixon, Chris Potter, Ryan Dahle, Jeff Booth, Dave Backus, Peter Dix and others.


Vrtacic Design was commissioned to custom design and build a near field monitor for recRoom Studio and Mastering. At the same time, acoustical improvements were done to the studio control room on the recommendation of John Vrtacic. The studio owners, Ryan Dahle and Jeff Booth, are very pleased with the results and bought the loudspeaker system.

“We are very excited about our new loudspeakers, the sound is real and easy to listen to. We do recording, mixing and mastering using our new speakers. We hardly need to switch to NS 10's. We are very, very pleased!” Ryan and Jeff – recRoom Studio and Mastering

Vrtacic Design Midsize Studio Monitor
Included in the System:

2 Loudspeaker assemblies, 3 way custom designed unit, exclusive dual chamber bass box.

3 Power amplifiers, 500W min each.

2 Electronic Crossovers

1 Racks

2 Speaker cables and audio cables

Price: $7500US for Complete System

Radical Entertainment's New 7.1 Surround Post Production Game Audio Studio

"We are pleased to announce that construction and setup are completed at our new audio post-production suite at Radical Entertainment. Our very own Senior Audio Engineer Lin Gardiner worked closely with world-renowned studio designer John Vrtacic on planning of the build, and with Sonotechnique, THX and Electra Systems on detailed technical specifications and complete installation." 2008 Radical Entertainment Inc

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